10 Jobs For Wombats [video] [h/t: sizvivdeos]

The Blues Brothers

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Gorgi for vice pres of Gorgi fan club vice pres moonwithinyourheart (who also inked it and helped me with foreshortening and junk)

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i want to do things

but i’m too dumb and stupid and fail miserably at too many things to even do anything successfully. 

so i’ve basically blocked myself from wanting to do anything remotely useful or talent worthy


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The strangely captivating beauty of nature and moss.

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coach steven changed me fundamentally as a person


I think I need a root canal. I definitely need a long, slow root canal.”

Go see the REVENGE OF THE SHOWDOWNS exhibition at Gallery 1988(WEST) in LA now until August 2!

i cant sleep. i feel super restless and miserable and homesick all at once
i think i probably got 4 hours sleep at the most.